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FTY. USA CO., LTD. Phone 212-684-0555
Fine Jewelry, Precious and Semi-Precious Gemstones, Emerald, Jade,
Tourmaline, Aquamarine.
Gem Mall Cactus Tent Booth 1308 Blue
The Last Box (cont'd from page 68)
Well, that idea is not going to work, how about we get something to eat dear? Oh, good there is a sign. NEXT FOOD AND GAS 111 MILES.
When we
finally get
there it is a
dimly lit, run
down station
with the name Lucky Gas. The sign says regular $1.25 we  ll up then the attendant tells us “Oh, That sign hasn’t work in years”. We fork out $3.99 a gallon and get our dinner. If you can call stale Nabs and a hot Coke dinner. Ok, just one more day until we get to our destination.
Wow, we made it!!! As we pulled up to the Holidome, I could not believe it, I jumped out of the car to take a picture of snow on a cactus. Oh, and one other thing they didn’t tell me
how cold it gets in the desert at night! Brrr.
The next day was setup, what an experience you have 900 various and assorted trucks, vans, and cars all unloading at the same time. Plus Freight lines, Postal Service, UPS, Fed Ex, Pony Express, and Carrier Pigeons. By the end of the day all
is well, everyone is exhausted but ........ The next day is opening day, yea!
White Knights, Inc. Phone: 917-309-1444
Holidome Pavilion 146
Ancient Russian Orthodox Crosses and Icons, Religious Artifacts Hand Painted Russian Lacquer Miniatures Hand Carved
Santa's and Saint Nicholas's Ethnic Gift Items
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