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La Nazar
13548 Morrison Street | Sherman Oaks, CA 91423-1444 Phone 818-439-8553 | E-Mail Website
Holidome Pavilion - Booth 557
Specializing in
Turkish Good Luck Eye • Wall Ornaments
• Key Rings • Jewelry
Religious Icons and Rosary Bags
The Last Box (cont'd from page 100)
The time during the show flies by so quickly, before long it is time to pack up and head home. The carpet that on the  rst day felt plush now feels like concrete.
Once again packing and wrapping the remaining merchandise that needs to go back into stock. Then, there is the last box out of Tucson. You know which one I am talking about. It is the box that will have a flip-flop box top because the tape is already packed. This Infamous box is the one that makes you hate yourself when you arrive home. It contains the lost invoices that you couldn’t  nd during the show. That expensive strand of beads that needs a clasp, the tray of calibrated stones that a customer mixed and a handful of change. Loose stands
110 — Tucson
of beads that someone pulled from their hanks. A staple gun that is out of staples, six paper clips, a pair of eyeglasses, a purchase left behind by a customer
and a lost badge you forgot to turn into the show of ce. Who put
a Chinese take-out box in there?
You get home and have every thing put away. There sitting in the middle of the floor is THE BOX. Every one has tip toed around it saving it for last, now it falls to me to unpack it. It will probably take me longer to put up this box than all the others combined. We love to go to the show but absolutely hate ....THE LAST BOX OUT OF TUCSON.

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