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Button and Bead Tour!
May 17 thru 25, 2017
E-mail Wild Things Beads, at or call J-Me and Guy at (530) 743-1339 if you're interested in future bead trips!
This tour will introduce you to the Wonderful area of the world in Czech Republic and open the door to exclusive bead and button factories you might never be able to otherwise see.
Day 2 ~ Go to a special bead factory where you’ll be able to see how beads are made from beginning to end. Follow the process through pressing, faceting and stringing. You will be able to purchase retail and wholesale beads from the bead shop.
Day 3 ~ Wake Up early to a button factory. See how buttons are pressed. We will then drive over to the stock room and of ce where you will be able to purchase buttons or have them custom made for you. We will go to see a special lamp worker today. You will be able to purchase beads they have made or go into production.
Day 4 ~ We go to a bead factory where we will see pressing, faceting, lampworking and more. In the afternoon, we will go see a History glass museum. Then you have the rest of the day to relax or tour more of the city of Jablonec.
Day 5 ~ Go shopping at a glass vase factory and store. Hopefully we will also get the chance to see them make some of them. In the afternoon, we’ll go to one of our favorite Antique shops that have many vintage beads just waiting to go home with you! You never know what you might  nd.
116 — Tucson
Things you will see and do
Day 1 ~ We will meet you at the hotel lobby, we will all load up into our vehicle and drive to Jablonec, the heart of the famous Glass industry, where many beads, buttons, vases and jewelry are made. We will all check into the hotel and then go see the world famous jewelry museum!

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