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Jewelry Importers & Manufacturers
Association International
888 Brannan Street, Suite 1060, San Francisco, CA 94103 Phone (415) 864-5462 | Fax (415) 864-2464 E-Mail: | Website:
J.I.M.A. (Jewelry Importers & Manufacturers Association International) is a non-pro t organization established 21 years ago in San Francisco, California, United States. It began with only thirty companies, now it has grown to include over 100 domestic and international companies. The main goal of J.I.M.A. is to endeavor to earn more bene ts for our members and security for their businesses. J.I.M.A. provides assurance to the public that the jewelry industry is creditable in every aspect of business ethics.
As an internationally reputable organization, J.I.M.A. connects miners, manufacturers, jewelers, trade promoters and related service af liates across the work force to offer exceptional savings to our members which permits them to lower their business expenses.
J.I.M.A. has a very secure relationship with Hong Kong Gemstone Manufacturers Association, Gems and Jewelry Trade Association of China and Taiwan Jewelry Industry Association. This provides our members special discounts while attending the Hong Kong Jewelry Show.
J.I.M.A. is administered by a Board of Directors elected by its members for two-year terms. A president, three vice-presidents and directors contribute their time and effort for the bene t of J.I.M.A. members.
All of J.I.M.A’s members, guests and associates from the jewelry industry and related services from all over the world join together annually for a dinner banquet party to celebrate the Chinese New Year (Tucson).
We encourage and welcome all jewelry professionals to join J.I.M.A. to strengthen our collective power and to ensure prosperity and success for each business.
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JIMA Members at the Tucson 2014 Party

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