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Absolutely Going Green
By Lynn Evans
As we become more conscience of the unique world around us. We look with pride to those of our exhibitors
who not only follow the
rules of American based companies overseas, but go above and beyond with humanitarian and “green projects”. One of these companies is Absolute Jewelry Manufacturing.
They are based out of
the United States with
factories in Bali and Cebu. Absolute Jewelry Manufacturing specializes in labor- intensive inlay of semi-precious stones in sterling silver. Some of the extraordinary designs are quite intricate.
Talk about Green! All water used in factory is recycled and filtered. Early in 2006 factory light bulbs were changed from fluorescent to new energy saver, 180 units were changed – saving 50% energy. Beyond that Absolute Jewelry Manufacturing furnishes energy saving bulbs to Its 200 workers.
28 — Tucson
A big eco project is that Absolute Jewelry Manufacturing has is an ongoing tree
Reforesting Overused Land
planting commitment – one day each month, helping to restore an overused and depleted forest.
Additionally, they have a vocational program that is the only school in the Philippines where trainees earn while they learn. The primary skills offered are quality stone cutting and silversmithing.
Community involvement includes a massive feeding program for many children each day.
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