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The Last Box Out of Tucson
An Exhibitors Thoughts...
By Lynn Evans - Revised and Reprinted from Tucson 1999
Every year thousands of exhibitors pack merchandise and begin the winter pilgrimage, to sunny Tucson, Arizona.
In preparation for this trip they bubble wrap and pad everything being careful to protect their wares. With all of their goods packaged, they then turn to supplies needed. Finger on the side of the temple, Let me think we will need sales tickets, boxes and bags to put sales in, oh don’t forget the packaging tape. Next is the office, ugh, scissors, stapler, paper clips and pens (bring a lot because they always grow legs and walk off). Oh, Shoot, don’t forget the box cutters, credit card machine and calculator. Whew! I am very glad that’s done.
Now, to pack enough clothes for a month!
Let’s see, I live in North Dakota and it is below 0 degrees
and Tucson is hot
shorts, sleeveless shirts, sandals and a swimsuit. I will leave my heavy coat and my scarf and gloves. Absolutely no reason to carry all that heavy stuff! WOW now we are ready to hit the road. We have to be on the road for three long days so we will relax, listen to the radio and eat at some great restaurants. “On the road again just can’t wait to be on the road again,” we add our voices to the radio’s wail with Willie Nelson at the top of our lungs. We let out a deep breath as we enjoy the first un-hectic moment of the last few weeks. This is going to be great, I murmur.
As we get to mid America, the radio gets fuzzier and we finally just turn it off. Ok, not to be outdone, I scrounge for my phone, to catch up on what
is going on with the kids.
My smart phone,
which it is and I
am not, has all of
their numbers, so I
press speed dial and lean back on my seat. “Hello son, how are you doing?” “I do...
ate ...bout a...Dad.” I reply, “We are heading to Tucson for the Show.” He responds “We ... a...
sleet, hel.....?”...dead silence. No Signal. so I am taking (cont'd on page 100)
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