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Vista Gems
Vista Gems
Moon to Marsland ('   74)
Take this trip with Frank, Hoori and their sons Sunny and Anil. They would especially welcome you to their booth if you were in the Phillipines in 1992 when the Volcano Pinatuba erupted. If you were a member of the armed services that served at the bases in South Korea, Guam, Okinawa or Honolulu, please stop by to say hello to Frank, he always has a big warm smile.
High Quality Unique Pieces Low Prices
Precious and Semi Precious Stones Catseye, Stars, Quartz, Moonstone Pink and Mystic Topaz Regular and Fancy Cuts Rare Large Pieces
Visit Us at the Gem Mall Cactus Tent Booth 1111
PO Box 164 Skillman, New Jersey 08558 Tel (908) 281-5853
Fax (908) 281-1049
FOR ORDERS 1 800 218 5139 E-mail:
The Bhawnani Family
Entering their booth you can actually feel history, Pick up an artifact, talk to Frank about it, let him take you on a journey. Not from the Moon to Mars but from ancient to modern times.
Find their display in the Gem Mall Fiesta Tent
Booths 2109 and 2110 Blue.
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