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Super Time Int'l., Co.
By Lynn Evans
From Shanghai to the United States – In Search of the American Dream
Peter and Mary  rst met in Shanghai where they were classmates. They came
to the United States in the early 1980’s and got married in 1984. In 1988 they incorporated a new business in Maryland. The business needed a name and as it was a 50/50 venture, they decided that each of them would pick a name. They then combined their choices to create the new company name. Peter picked the word “super”, Mary picked the word “time”, and thus “Super Time” was born.
Selling Chinese  gurines, cloisonné and
art kept them busy, but it did not support them. Their own “American Dream” is what kept them going. They had to look for new items, which could help establish the struggling business. They decided to try Baoding Balls (Chinese Health Balls). The Baoding Balls originated in Baoding, China during the Ming Dynasty prior to 1644. The balls, when used properly, are reputed to help with arthritis and other ailments. Peter and
long days
traveling to
clinics and
to market
them. (One day they only sold 5 pairs for about $60.00!) They would then return home to work as a team in a restaurant. Peter worked as “Captain” talking to guests and writing orders while Mary was the waitress. Doing this job they could make $200 per night and still sell the “Chinese Health Balls”. With their efforts, the business expanded and they began selling around 2000 pairs per week; they no longer needed to work at the restaurant.
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