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Super Time Int'l. ('   4)
After about 2 years, larger companies began to take note of the growth of their remarkable new product. This was when they began bringing in the Baoding Balls by the container load. As with most popular products, the vast market effectively dropped prices so much that it eventually put them out of the health ball business.
Not to be outdone and focused on “The Dream”, they forged ahead.
Meanwhile, the Chinese had begun manufacturing glowing candles in Shanghai. These promised to be an exciting new gift item they could offer. Super Time even had a catalog printed to show all of the styles available. However, the United States eventually placed a whopping 108.3% anti-dumping duty on candles containing any amount of petroleum wax which effectively made the candles too expensive to market at wholesale.
Again, refusing to give up on their “American Dream”, Super Time featured another unique lamp work beads. Their first series of these beads included foil, Mille Fiore, dotted and floral
in many shapes and sizes. They continued to expand the lamp work bead line, adding animal and holiday styles as well.
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