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G&LW Trade Shows are produced in many major trade centers across the United States for the convenience of retail dealers. At this site you will find frequently updated information on show schedules and locations, as well as information about the exhibitors and their many branches all over the globe. Use the menu items above to assist you in browsing through this website. We welcome you and hope your visit to this site is a worthwhile and enjoyable experience Please visit the site often and watch for changes and updates!

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Tax Resale License in Gem or Jewelry-Related Business Required.

Show Schedule
2014 Show Schedule           2015 Show Schedule

Livonia (Detroit), MI - July 18-19-20
Franklin, NC - July 24-25-26-27
Spruce Pine, NC - July 31-Aug. 1-2-3
Tucson, AZ - September 4-5-6-7
Minneapolis, MN - September 28-29
Livonia (Detroit), MI - October 3-4-5
West Springfield, MA - October 10-11
Asheville, NC - October 21-22
Orlando, FL - October 24-25-26


Asheville, NC - January 6-7
Orlando, FL - January 9-10-11
Tucson, AZ - January 31-Feb.13
Minneapolis, MN - April 12-13
Livonia (Detroit), MI - April 17-18-19
West Springfield, MA - April 24-25
Orlando, FL - May 1-2-3
Franklin, NC - May 8-9-10
Livonia (Detroit), MI - July 10-11-12 

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