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Day 6 ~ Today we will go for a drive to a different area where other styles of glass items are made. We will go to an old warehouse building in the woods. We will be able to go thru many  oors of beads to  nd many treasures. Then we will have lunch in a quaint town. After that we will go shopping in an old glass town where you will be able to  nd vases, buttons, artwork and more.
Day 7 ~ Go back to Prague and relocate to a hotel or apartment we  nd. Enjoy the old city center and walk over the Charles Bridge.
Day 8 ~ All good things must come to an end; we’ll check out of our hotel and drive to airport in Prague to return home.
This is an example of what your tour will be like. Some days might change around a little bit or we might add another place to go see.
Number of Travelers?
We are limiting this bead tour to 14 people. It will be a fun and rewarding tour without feeling overcrowded.
Cost of the Tour?
The price of this tour will be around $3,200. Prices will vary due to the airfare from your location. Please contact Wild Things Beads for more details.
What else should I know?
Please realize this is not some slick guided tour, but in fact will be a working tour with some fun thrown in between friends. We really are going on a purchasing and buying trip to working factories that you would otherwise never get to see.
For those of you who are interested in buying large quantities (ones that will not  t in your suitcase), we can also help you through the steps to arrange for shipping and  guring out the customs fees back to the USA.
You will need to be healthy and  t. We will be walking on cobblestones, up and down stairs (there are not many elevators). These are truly old world factories and buildings that have been around for centuries. You WILL NEED to wear comfortable walking shoes!
And by the way- Beer is less expensive than water in Czech!
For more information E-mail us at or call us at (530) 743-1339 between 10am to 6pm Paci c Time
We look forward to hearing from you! J-Me & Guy of Wild Things Beads
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